Our mission is to provide best practice recruitment solutions for schools in order to assist them in recruiting the most appropriate person to provide the best possible educational outcomes.

Steve Whittington, Founder and Director of Oxford Education, has almost twenty years’ experience teaching at primary, secondary and tertiary levels in Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia.

During this time he recruited staff for various positions and became aware of the close link between inspirational staff and exceptional educational outcomes.

After completing a Master of Business, Steve moved into Human Resources and quickly recognised the need for schools to be more strategic about their recruitment and other practices in order to continue to attract high calibre staff.

With an enormous passion for education and a strong belief in what schools are capable of achieving with the right people and systems, Steve applies lessons learned through sport, including international representation in rowing and successful completion of an Ironman triathlon, to all aspects of his professional and personal life.

Steve completed his Oxford education in Modern Languages and Philosophy. It is a culmination of his professional and personal interests and experiences that inspired the inception of Oxford Education.

Core values

Strive for quality outcomes
Recruit the best person for the role, exceed the client’s expectations and be thorough and scrupulous in all undertakings.

Demonstrate honesty and integrity
Do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it; be open and engaging.

Sustainable relationships
If it’s good for you then it’s good for us.

Add value to schools by partnering with them and working on their behalf.

Give back
Get involved with school communities; donate to specific cancer and child-related charities.